Fine Art Commissions

Handcrafted. Elegant. Personal.

Honor those most important to you with beautifully created heirloom portrait art. A hand rendered mixed media portrait commission is a true work of art, designed to express your relationships, show off your style, and compliment your home or office.

Tina Caron Portraits & Fine Art specializes in large scale personal art. Make a statement with a showpiece uniquely designed for you, featuring you and yours.

"The Time Out Chair" Before and After

This original image was captured as an out-take during a studio portrait session. Although quite imperfect, Mom felt this display of attitude was so representative of her daughter at this age.

The distraction of the bright white chair is reduced, the unflattering upper arm is eliminated, suggesting it's simply tucked in under the dress. Distortion of the facial features is corrected. Her beautiful curls are enhanced and pulled forward over the chair using a portion of a different image from the session, and the tulle skirt is neatened up. Tears were added to embellish the story already present, resulting in an exquisite portrait.

Elevate The Status Of Your Portraits

Grace your rooms with not just a framed portrait, but with one of a kind hand crafted artwork created specifically for the aesthetic of your home.

Make a statement with a feature piece that perfectly compliments your decor, yet commands you to enjoy its beauty.

Your children and grandchildren will cherish this heirloom art for generations to come.

Where do we start?

The best route to heirloom art is to begin with a studio portrait session styled with the end in mind. Sometimes circumstance makes this impractical. Have no fear, I can also create beautiful pieces from your own images as long as you are the original creator, or can provide proof of permission to use.

How it works

Your artwork is designed to beautifully compliment your home and style. Each stroke is hand rendered and deliberately placed in the final artwork based on reference images. Expression and personality are carried into the final piece while distractions are eliminated, allowing the subject to shine.

The End Result

Fine Art Commissions are sold as completed pieces of wall art. Hand stretched canvas is sealed and framed by Master Craftsmen. Frames from minimalist to traditional are sure to suit any aesthetic. Choose a handmade Museum frame for a show-stopping installation.

Abby, Max, Moose, and Hershey

Fine Art Commission from client images.

Low Resolution Cell Phone Images Provided by the Client

Even if your original images are low quality, they can become cherished pieces of art for your home. These four dogs were part of their humans' lives over different periods of time. The client wanted to surprise her husband by commissioning a single, large piece of wall art featuring all of them.

Poor backgrounds and distracting elements from the original images are eliminated, leaving the subjects to shine in the finished piece.

"Baby Blues" Transformation

Little sister was jealous of big sister getting the camera and spotlight for a bit, so we let her pose with the sun hat and small bouquet. Two years old is a tough age for perfect posing, but this one stole Mom's heart.

A great expression is often the only baseline requirement for a piece of precious art that tugs at the heartstrings. The color of the hat and dress were adjusted to match, some of the details are simplified, and everything is painted together for a soft cohesive finished piece.

Preserve A Legacy

When the day comes that the only visual reminder you have left is a cell phone image, trust an expert artisan to memorialize your loved one in a masterfully created portrait.

Replica pieces with simplified finishes and shorter turnaround are available for presentation at memorial services.

Monica J.

Fine Art Commission Client

"Take my breath away! I just received these gorgeous pieces of art from Tina. I can't stop staring at these! Handpainted gorgeousness. Thank you so so much. These are incredible!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do a commission for a funeral or memorial service?

Yes, absolutely. I am sincerely sorry for your loss, and I understand that this is a very stressful and emotional time for you and your family. Having a beautiful memorial portrait at your loved one's services is a wonderful way to honor their memory. To meet the faster turnaround required for display at a service, you may purchase a replica portrait as an add-on to a Fine Art Commission.

While your fully finished Fine Art Commission takes approximately 8-12 weeks, the replica portrait is a simpler finish and presentation which allows me to meet your timeline while still delivering you a cherished museum quality piece of art to proudly display at the service. This piece will be fully finished and ready to hang as a framed, mounted canvas and is yours to keep.

Please note that one replica portrait is singularly available with a full commission and may not be purchased independently. 

How long does a commission take? I have a short timeline.

The normal turnaround for a commission is 8-12 weeks. I understand that in certain circumstances such as memorial services, a faster turnaround is necessary. Please schedule a consultation and I'll be happy to talk through presentation options with shorter turnaround times. 

I would love a commission, but I don't have a perfect starting image. How does this work?

When we meet for your consultation we will discuss your vision for a Fine Art Commission. The most important element in a good reference image is the subject's expression. Your starting image doesn't need to be perfect.If you don't have a starting image, that's no problem. In these situations, your commission quote will include any custom portrait sessions necessary to capture the perfect reference image. 

Can I have a digital copy of my commission

Fine Art Commissions are designed from start to finish to grace the walls of your home or office. Digital files are not provided for these bespoke pieces. 

Can I purchase a commission from a custom portrait session?

Absolutely! During your In Person Styling Consultation we will look at all the finishes and products I offer. If you feel you would possibly like a Fine Art Commission from one or more of your portrait images, I'll be sure to include this in your overall vision. Even if this wasn't an initial desire, it can absolutely be added on later in the process. 

Can I purchase the rest of the images from my Fine Art Commission Portrait Session?

Certainly! After your portrait session is complete, we'll get back together to review all your images. The reference for your commission will be noted, but you are welcome to purchase other images from your session as finished photographic products. 

Commission An Heirloom

Prestigious and timeless, hand rendered art preserves the legacy of those you hold dear in a unique and beautiful form. You will be proud to display these treasured pieces of art in your home or office.

Schedule a consultation call and join me from the comfort of your home to get started. As your personal portrait artist, I look forward to hearing how I can make your portrait dreams a reality.

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